Rétablir mot de passe Windows

Cloner Drive du Disque dur

Sectionner Drive du Disque dur, etc

système requis:


Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7 DirectX 9



"I have tried many ways to find the lost password back, yet none of them worked. Your software is really a miracle. I used it easily reset the password in only minutes and all I need to do is click, click and click. What if I knew your software earlier! "

---Maitane, New Mexico


" I am so grateful to you guys for developing such good tool to help us easily reset password. God knows how much time I have spent in finding my old password! Thank you very much!"

---Alden, Pennsylvania


" I never thought it would be so quick and easy to re-access my father’s computer after I found that I had long before forgotten its password. Thank you so much for help me and my father."

---Shandy, Vermont


What is Magic PassNow?

Magic PassNow is a Windows password reset tool which uses advanced algorithms to handle Windows (Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2008, 2003, etc.) user database in your computer. It can safely reset all types of Windows login passwords (of Administrators or User accounts) in minutes and help you regain the access to your computer.

How much does Magic PassNow cost?

The price of Magic PassNow is $45 for lifetime use.

You can free download the trial version of Magic PassNow by clicking on the download button at https://www.magic-rescue-cd.com/Download.html. But to get a full version, please go to our order page (https://www.magic-rescue-cd.com/Purchase.html ) to purchase it.

How to purchase the full version of Magic PassNow?

Visit our order page at https://www.magic-rescue-cd.com/Purchase.html, click on Purchase Now and fill in the order form. After completing your payment, you will receive the full version via e-mail. Download the full version installation package in order notification e-mail and then you can use the fully functional software.


If you select “Add a Backup CD of Your Order” while purchasing, you will receive the backup CD through mail.

How many payment methods for purchasing?

You can purchase Magic PassNow via Credit Card and PayPal. We also accept Bravo, Euro Card, JCB, Novus, Master Debit and Visa Debit.

Is my purchase guaranteed by 30 days money-back?

Absolutely! All orders are backed by our unconditional 30 days money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy with your purchase, for any reason, simply contact us via e-mail for a full refund.

Could you guarantee all personal information safe?

Yes. magic-rescue-cd.com will not collect or use any information about the visitors to the Web Site and your visit to the Web Site is anonymous.


The information you provide will not be used for any other commercial purposes and will not be sold, rented, leased or otherwise forwarded to any third party with the exception of our sales processor Regnow, who will process your orders and distribute the goods or services that you have requested.

How to use Magic PassNow?

Preparation to use Magic PassNow to reset password: your own computer (the one that you lost the login password); USB flash drive or CD; the other computer which you have accessed to and has installed Magic PassNow.


Step by step instruction:


1. Open Magic PassNow and insert the USB flash drive or CD into the other computer.

2. Select your flash drive or CD and click on “Create Now” at the main interface of Magic PassNow to create a Live USB/CD. After the creation, click “OK”.

3. Insert the flash drive or CD into your own computer, and start the computer. During its starting, press the key “Esc” to enter the Boot Menu, and select Removable Devices.

4. After you see the main interface of Magic PassNow, select the Windows installation on your computer, and then choose the account which you want to reset its password. Click on “Reset Password”.

5. Close the program and restart your own computer. Now you can successfully regain the complete control over your computer.


For more detailed information, please visit our tutorial page at https://www.magic-rescue-cd.com/sub-reset-windows-password-tutorial.html.

How can I reach you if I need technical support?

If you have any further questions about our software or service, you can reach us at https://www.magic-rescue-cd.com/support.html.